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Maternity Sessions

Take some time to really enjoy this moment before your little one arrives. Maternity sessions are best done between 30-36 weeks pregnant. During this time you usually still feel comfortable enough to do a photo session, but it is not too close to the time of birth. 

Your session will include:

  • 1 hour session

  • 15 high resolution digital photographs - a selection of colour and black and white

  • The option to upgrade your gallery at an additional cost


What to Wear

Neutral colours are best. Try to avoid logos, bold stripes or images and bright colours. A beautiful flowing dress always captures the ocean breeze nicely, but a tight-fitting dress can look just as good - take into account your location and the final look you want to achieve.. Your family's clothing doesn't have to match, but try to pick neutral tones that compliment each other. Consider the location and season. For example, lighter tones work best for a summer beach setting - pastel colours, cream, blush, tan, compared to an autumn location in amongst the trees or a grassy field, which would suit darker tones such as mustard, olive green and brown or rustic tones. Layering with a knitted jumper, scarf or hat can work well to add another dimension to your autumn/winter sessions. Be mindful of chunky watches and jewellery - sometimes these can take the focus away from the people, and try to select suitable footwear.


We are fortunate in the Waikato to have many beautiful locations available to us across the different seasons. The locations of your photographs is a personal choice and depends on the setting you would like - the beach, trees, long grass, or you may even want photos at your own home. The time of day also depends on the location and the look you're wanting to achieve. The beach at sunset provides a beautiful golden light, but natural window lighting in your own home can also work to achieve a beautiful look.

Let's work together!
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