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Photo Restoration

Don't let your precious memories fade away. Have your old or damaged photographs restored back to their original state and turned into digital photographs. Marks, scratches, tears, rips, missing parts, pen marks, fading, discolouration, are just some of the things that can be restored. Or maybe you need someone or something removed from a photograph or a background changed. You'd be surprised what can be done! Often the old special photos we have stored away are the only copies. Restoring these photographs is a great way to preserve the past and make images accessible for generations to come.


A Tidy Up
  • Small scratches

  • Some fading

  • Some marks


Restoration of a photograph in need of a bit of a tidy up where the colours need a slight adjustment and/or some marks and scratches need touching up​ to bring this back to it's original state.


*Cost includes a restored digital copy of your photograph. 

bike long.jpg
Brighten It Up
Jeanette before & after sm.jpg
  • ​Scratches, marks, spots

  • Slightly torn or ripped

  • Some fading

  • In need of some colour enhancement

  • Slight water damage

  • Small pen marks

Restoration of a photograph with moderate damaged that needs some work to really clean it up and repair it, removing marks, fading, pen marks, spots, scratches, small tears or some water damage.



*Cost includes a restored digital copy of your photograph.

A Transformation
  •  lot of scratches, marks, spots

  • Torn, ripped or has pieces missing

  • A lot of fading

  • Needs colour enhancement

  • Water damage

  • A lot of pen marks

  • Remove people/objects or change background

Church Restoration.jpg

Restoration of a photograph that is very damaged and needs a lot of work to bring it back to its former glory.  Photograph may have missing pieces, a lot of scratches, fading, water marks, or need someone / something removed from the photograph, or the background changed.



*Cost includes a restored digital copy of your photograph.

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